Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beers around the World... 2010 World Cup style!

I hinted towards it in the last post, but the time is finally here to get really hyped about the 2010 FIFA World Cup!  With right around 32 days of game play and 32 countries in the main event, this should work perfectly to feature a beer (or two or three or maybe just a brewing history) of each participating nation.  Jay Ducote of the by now famous bite and booze blog will be teaming up with me to talk about the food and other various drink from each of the nations on the same schedule. 

All of these round robin featured countries are featured on the day they play, and then once the field is set we will do out best to feature the countries that are advancing through the tournament appropriately.  Check back later today for South Africa, the host country, and then on a regular basis to see what the beer's like throughout the world!

Here's the first half of the schedule:
So, enjoy, pass the word on, and check back for more!

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  1. OOO!!! I'm so excited!! I'm all about the World Cup and even more about beers from other countries!! Thanks for sharing Boo and Jay!