Monday, June 14, 2010

Paraguay - A Beer Wasteland?

So far this has been the most difficult country to write on, as I've never tried any beers from Paraguay and even with our wonderful internet it's not even all that easy to find information on beers from Paraguay.  As best I can tell it's a macro-lager wasteland.  According to the Beer Me! website there are 5 operating breweries in Paraguay, and three of them are owned by AB-Inbev.  Ouch.  BeerAdvocate has nothing listed for Paraguay.  Not a thing.  And they are probably the most comprehensive beer rating site out there. had three beers listed for Paraguay, all with poor ratings and the following glowing comments:
 "Marginially bettter than some of the others but again yellow colored water. No flavors to speak of" for the Cerveceria Paraguayana Pilsen Cerveza Blanca.
"Choices here are limited and so are flavors. the only inteeresting thing is that they bring the beer out in a ice bucket." for the Cerveceria Paraguayana Pilsen Dorada. 
"Bottle. Piss yellow, thank god it was ice cold (literally - served in an ice bucket!). Not much to say about this shit beer." for the Polar Lager from AB-Inbev's Cervecería Asunción.
Searches on 'Craft Beer In Paraguay' turned up an article about AB releasing Budweiser into the country, while 'Microbreweries in Paraguay' turned up nothing at all worth noting.  

Congrats Paraguay, in the World Cup of beer, you are currently in last place!


  1. There is now a micro brewery making a brand called POLKA. Check them out:

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