Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greece - Mythos and Craft Microbrewery

Ah Greece, one of the cradles of civilization and the birthplace of democracy.  Or so they would claim.  Greece is one of the first countries on this World Cup of Beer tour that I have visited in person, and I've had the opportunity to try at least two different Greek beers here in Baton Rouge.  Athenian and Mythos are both available at different location, and Athenian beer was always a favorite on the Chimes 'Around The World' trips.  Unfortunately, as I've learned more and more about beer and delved into different styles and types of beer, I've come to realize that both Athenian and Mythos aren't really all that good.  I featured Mythos in my final 2009 entry on the prevalence of bland European lagers, and unfortunately Athenian barely rates higher on BeerAdvocate, a C vs. a C-.  

The good thing is, though... just like I've found in places like South Africa, Serbia, and Uruguay... there IS good beer, it's just not the beer being exported.  I stumbled upon the website of the Craft Microbrewery, which by our definitions is really more of a brew-pub but appears to be putting out serious craft beer for the Greek people.  They started in 1997 and were the first microbrewery in Athens.  Their CEO even states on the website:
Our goal is to promote love for real beer and to contribute towards the development of a true beer culture in Greece. It is our belief that beer is not just a summertime refreshment but a highly enjoyable, sophisticated, full of taste and aroma drink characterized by taste variety and natural freshness that can be enjoyed all year round on various occasions and moments of social life.
Now that's something I can get behind!  I decided to check out some of the reviews of the place and there were plenty of great things said!
Overall I'd definitely recommend this place for any visitor to Athens. It's a welcome local beer oasis in an otherwise relatively beer-dry city.

This microbrewery produces about 8 styles of beer. This, for Greece, is a very huge number! The most impressing fact is that all of them are from above average to excellent!
I was happily surprised to find that this brewpub was really about the beer. Not only do they proudly display their brewing equipment but they have also produced some good brews.
So the next time I visit Athens, you have better believe I'm going to check this place out.  

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