Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: European Lager Time!

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So in recent days I've come across a few different European lagers... some via friends, other through Marcello's going out of business sale.  Combine this with past experience with beers like Heineken, Groslch, and Stella Artois and I've come to a definite conclusion... the world of European lagers is just as watered down as in America.  That's not to say there aren't some great lagers available, just that the bigger the marketing campaign, in general the worse the beer.  First up is probably the most popular beer in all of Italy... Peroni Nasture Azzuro.

Technically this one is classified as a European Pale Lager, along with Heineken and Stella.  If you take away that bottle next to it, there's no difference from any American macrobrew... light clear golden color, earthy straw flavor... nothing special, but rerefshing.  Best served cold.

Next up was a Mythos Hellenic Lager... a product of Greece.

This one is classified as a 'Munich Helles Lager' which basically means it's a German-style light (in color) lager.  I'm sure you've tried this style of beer before, most likely a Paulaner, Hoffbrau, Spaten, or Weihenstephaner original.  This one is a Greek take on the style, and it left a lot to be desired.  Just like the Peroni, clear golden color, straw flavors, very little hops... if you see this one and there are better options, take a pass. 

Finally, in yet a third different style of European lager... a Stiegl Goldbräu Premium Lager.

This one is an Austrian beer, and considered a Märzen, or Oktoberfest lager.  These are almost always going to be darker in color and have a thicker maltier body than the above lagers, and this was no exception.  Definitely the best of the three European lagers I've tried recently, and a solid beer all around.  If you see this one, give it a try!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and keep on drinking!

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