Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review: Newcastle Brown Ale

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Alright, I'm sure most of you have tried one of these before... Newcastle is probably the most popular English Brown Ale in the world, and it's easy to find all over the states, on tap and in bottles.  Newcastle came from appropriately enough, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  Unfortunately, in what has become a common trend for some of these classic English beers like Newcastle, Boddingtons, and others, brewing no longer takes place in Newcastle, and the brewery and beer name is owned by one of the larger conglomerates.  In this case, Heineken owns the Newcastle brand under one of its subsidiaries.  Now, I can't really tell whether these changes in ownership have affected the beer itself, but they certainly have increased distribution, so sometimes these deals aren't really a bad thing.

As for the beer itself, expect a sweet malty brown ale with minimal hops and not a whole lot of surprises.  There aren't going to be any crazy flavors here, or anything extreme, just a refreshing sweet malty beer that just about anyone can enjoy.  The perfect sort of beer for hitting the bar after some kickball, or digging out of the fridge after a sweaty afternoon of yardwork.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmastime everyone!

Taste: B-
Value: B

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