Raise A Glass

Raise A Glass is where you can hear me, the author of The BR Beer Scene, talking all about alcohol and drinking culture on the radio or on the internet.  The show is co-hosted by myself and Jay Ducote of Bite And Booze featuring Jeremy Spikes and produced by James Lawson.  We spend an hour each week talking all about the history, traditions, culture, and stories behind alcoholic beverages.  We also do plenty of tasting and on the air reviews plus guest appearances from people even more knowledgeable about the drinks than we are.  (Yes, they do exist!)

The show can be found over the airwaves on 96.9 WHYR Community Radio in Baton Rouge on Fridays at 6PM and re-aired on Sundays at Noon.  The show can also be found on iTunes if you search for "Raise A Glass" or follow this link.  Episodes will appear online shortly after they are broadcast on the radio.  Be sure to follow this show on twitter for updates about episode topics, guests, and any broadcast time changes.

Season 1: Random Topics
Season 2: Whisk(e)y of the World Tournament
Season 3: Random Topics
Season 4: Beer Olympics
Season 5: Random Topics (Currently airing)

Beer Olympics Medal Count:

Belgium 19 pts (Gold - Orval Trappist Ale, Pale Ales; Gold - Duchesse De Bourgogne, Amber/Red/Scottish; Gold - Gouden Carolus Tripel, Oldest Brewery; Silver - Piraat, IPAs; Co-Gold - Rochefort 10, Top 100 Showdown; Silver - Chimay Blue, Trappist Style; Bronze - Stella Artois, Best Sellers; Bronze - St. Bernardus Wit, White Ales; Bronze- DeDulle Dulle Teve (Mad Bitch), Name that Beer)
USA 17 pts (Gold - Parish Canebrake, 21st Century Breweries; Gold - Ommegang Witte, White Ales; Gold - Anchorage Love Buzz, Farmhouse/Saison; Silver - Stone Levitation Ale, Amber/Red/Scottish; Silver - Abita Andygator, German Style Lager; Bronze, NOLA Irish Channel, Stouts; Bronze - North Coast Old Stock, Strong Beers; Silver - Rogue Mocha, Porters; Bronze - Stone IPA, IPAs)

Netherlands 13 pts (Gold - Le Trappe Quad, Trappist Style; Gold - Brouwerij De Molen Heaven and Hell, Strong Beers; Gold - Brouwerij De Molen Cease & Desist, Name that Beer; Silver - Bommen & Grenaten, Barleywine; Silver - Engels Bitter, Session Beers)
Denmark 12 pts (Gold - Mikkeler 19, IPAs; Gold - Mikkeler Dream, Session Beers; Silver - To ol/Mikkeler Overall IPA, 21st Century Breweries; Silver - Carlsberg, Best Sellers; Silver - Mikkeler IBeatU, Name that Beer; Bronze - Kissmeyer Denied Entry, Farmhouse/Saison)

England 11 pts (Gold - Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale, Brown Ales; Gold - JW Lee's Lagavulin Harvest, Barleywine; Silver - Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout, Top 100 Showdown; Silver - JW Lee's Harvest Calvados, Strong Beers; Bronze - Meantime IPA, 21st Century Breweries)

New Zealand 6 pts (Gold - Renaissance Elemental, Porters; Silver - 8 Wired Brown, Brown Ales; Bronze - Moa, German Style Lager)

Germany 6 pts (Gold - Ayinger Celebrator, German Style Lager; Silver - Weihenstephaner Korbinian Doppelbock, Oldest Brewery; Bronze - Weihenstephaner Hefe, Top 100 Showdown)

Ireland 4 pts (Gold - Guiness, Best Sellers; Co-Bronze - O'Hara's Irish Red, Amber/Red/Scottish)

Scotland 4 pts (Co-Bronze - BrewDog/Mikkeller Collab Devine Rebel, Barleywine; Co-Bronze - Belhaven Scottish, Amber/Red/Scottish; Bronze - Belhaven Wee Heavy, Oldest Brewery; Bronze - Scottish Heavy, Session Beers)

France 4 pts (Silver - Belzebuth, Pale Ales; Silver - Gavroche, Farmhouse/Saison)

Sweden 4 pts (Silver - Nils Oscar, Stouts; Co-Bronze - Nils Oscar, Barleywine; Co-Bronze - Carlsberg Carnegie, Porters) Norway 3 pts (Gold - Sweet Horizon, Stouts)

Canada 4 pts (Co-Gold - Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, Top 100 Showdown; Bronze - Unibreu Maudite, Trappist Style)  

Japan 3 pts (Silver - Hitachino Nest Weizen, White Ales; Bronze - Baird Angry Boy Brown, Brown Ales)

Finland 2 pts (Silve - Sinebreychoff, Porters)
Italy 1 pt (Bronze - Re Ale Extra, Pale Ales)