About Me

I'm Eric... some of you may know me as Boo! which is cool, I go by that as well.

I started getting into craft beer during my last years at LSU... primarily by going for the "Around The World" at The Chimes more than once, and being cultivated even further during a Summer abroad between my 4th and 5th years in 2002.  I didn't make it to Belgium, but it turns out there are plenty of Belgian cafes in London.  A few months and a little credit card debt later and I returned to the states with a new-found love of the brew.

Since then Louisiana has grown substantially in terms of the craft beer scene.   In 2002 there were two Louisiana breweries that I know of, Abita and Dixie. Now Dixie is gone (kind of) but somewhere around a half dozen new breweries have popped up in South LA, plus our access to beers from around the country has increased substantially.  Breweries like Brooklyn, Stone, and more recently Saint Arnold can now be found on the shelves and more come in all the time.

So, check out the local beers when you can... try something new when you get the chance, and enjoy!