Monday, December 21, 2009

Review: Boddingtons Pub Ale

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Thanks to James for supplying the beer in this case, as he brought over a 4-pack of Boddingtons, the "Cream of Manchester" which of course refers to its hometown of Machester, England.  Unfortunately Boddingtons and its Manchester brewery are now owned by InBev, so the global giant claims another one.  But on to the beer... which as far as I know hasn't changed.

I poured this one from a 1-pint nitro-can into an imperial pint glass. This one has a nitrogen widget similar to Guinness, Wexford, and other Irish and British ales.  The famous bubbles came forth like crazy... turning the glass into a battlefield as the golden ale fought through the creamy head. One of the best looking pours around... too bad that's the highlight of the beer!

Smell is average... a little hops, nothing special. The taste is watery, slightly bitter with not a whole lot of character.  The mouthfeel isn't bad... no bad aftertastes, feels good going down despite the bitter feel.  Very drinkable... I have a feeling I could kick these guys back all day long.

Taste: B-
Value: B

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