Monday, June 21, 2010

Honduras - Cerveceria Hondurena

I started off my research for Honduran beer the same as I start all these countries that I'm unfamiliar with... a quick search for "Beer in Honduras."  And in this case the number one hit was... a blog post about beer in Honduras!  Unfortunately the blogger in this case compares Honduras's four major brands to the Honduran Corona, the Honduran Michelob, the Honduran Budweiser, and the Honduran Heineken.  Um, yuck.  This is not exactly a glowing endorsement of Honduras's largest brewer, but then it seems that any country's largest brewers are rarely also the best... so... is there anything else in Honduras, hidden away?

Well, there is apparently a place called D & D fine Micro Brewery plus Bed & Breakfast!  Wait... I can drink all day and then just stumble to my bed?  I like this idea. 

Unfortunately none of the popular beer rating websites has any more info on the beers at this place.  They both acknowledge its existence and that's about it.  I must admit though, the picture on the site of all the beers in front of a naked baby is kinda creepy.  The place also offers combination beer drinking and bird watching tours... that's interesting.  I really like the idea of combining a brewpub with other activities, just wish there was more info about the beer itself. 

That's it for Honduran beer... not a lot to work with, but we'll see if their soccer team can do better than their beer scene when they take on Spain this afternoon!


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  1. Hmmm...that is interesting! I like the idea of the brewery and b&b combination!