Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nigeria - Where Guinness Is King!

That's right folks, this Beer Scene post about Nigeria is going to focus on that all-time classic Irish brew.  Why you ask?  Well, for starters Ireland got shafted out of the World Cup so I can't exactly wait for their turn... and for secondsies, Nigeria drinks more Guinness than Ireland does anyway.  That's right, more Guinness than Ireland.  (Although less than Britain, which is the #1 consumer of the dark stuff.)  In fact, Guinness has become quite the success story as far as foreign businesses proving that they can succeed in Africa.
As most of you know Guinness hails from Ireland, brewed for years and years at the St. James Gate brewery in Dublin.  I've been there, many of you have been there... it's a bit of a tourist trap, no?  It's also a huge brewery, but not huge enough to keep up with worldwide demand for the beer.  So, Guinness also contracts their beers to be brewed in other countries, including the Bahamas, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Nigeria.  In many of these cases the larger local breweries also produce Guinness but in the case of Nigeria, the brewery is a subsidiary of Guinness's parent company.  

While I always like to read about the local brews doing well, it's nice to see a smaller (really, compared to the few big guys) brewery doing well like this.  And Guinness sure beats the hell out of some adjunct lagers!


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