Tuesday, July 6, 2010

South Korea - Nothing To See Here...

Well, I said things would be looking up at the end of that last post on The Ivory Coast didn't I?  Sorry, I lied.  There just isn't much of a beer culture in Korea to speak of.  The three big brands are all considered to be very similar to each other, and are all brewed with rice as an adjunct.  For those in the know, Bud uses rice as their adjunct so you can probably expect something similar.  Two of the breweries are listed on BeerAdvocate with an average beer rating of D+.  Yikes... you don't want to take that report card home to the parents!

And apparently S. Korea has a 100% tax on any imported beers, so don't expect to find anything else cheap!  I read a few reviews and most of them complained heavily about the prices of standard imports like Heineken, Guinness, and Newcastle.  
I did read about a few brewpubs, but none of the reviews were very positive at all.  Another disappointing country on this world tour, but unlike some of the others I really expected some good stuff out of Korea.  Oh well, swing and a miss!


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