Monday, July 5, 2010

Ivory Coast - Solibra Beer

Ivory Coast... or Cote D'Ivoire... can't say I found much at all about the beer here.  BeerAdvocate has no breweries listed and there is only one listed on RateBeer called Solibra.  They feature 3 brews, all with pretty poor ratings, but the best one is called Mamba!  The best thing about Mamba beer?  It has a crocodile on the label.  Or is that an alligator?  It even says malt liquor on the bottle so is this really even a beer?  I guess it doesn't really matter... this is the first time I've been really truly disappointed in what I've been able to find on a country... so take this opportunity to review any of the countries that you missed along the way to this low point!   Or go check out the Bite and Booze World Cup tour for some good foods and other drinks... maybe the Ivory Coast had better luck in that department!  And check back tomorrow where we'll check out South Korea... I'm sure things will be back on track.



  1. hello, do you know of anywhere in the us i could find this beer? i have been looking for it for someone who has been wanting to try it but cannot find anywhere

  2. Unfortunately no, I don't know if it's even available here currently, but I believe it has been before.

  3. I have two bottles of mamba from South Africa what do you think they are worth . I worked for a distributor in Texas I have a jacket and a Africa mask sign

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