Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain - More Euro Pale Lagers!

I could only think of two beers from Spain when I started this endeavor... San Miguel and Estrella.  Both are rather unappealing pale lagers in the true Euro macro fashion.  Like one blog I read said... "When one thinks of Spain one normally thinks of wine or bullfights, but very rarely of good beer."  And that's absolutely true.  I think of bullfights, and the fabulous architecture, and the sun-drenched wineries, but I don't think about craft beer.  I think you'd be more likely to go into a bar and find Heineken and Carlsberg and Newcastle and Budweiser on tap than any local craft brews.  That's unfortunate, but probably true.

Unfortunately there aren't even too many microbrews to be found, although they do exist, with little information in the world of the internet available.  The blog I quoted above mentions one called Birrart trying to establish a craft scene and there are at least two in Madrid according to this article.  The article also links to a list of their top 5 Spanish beers, which are all brewed by the big boys, so even the people aware of the microbreweries seem to prefer the macros!  That's really disappointing Spain.  Tremendously.  Now I'm just sitting her wishing Portugal had beat you guys.  

Oh well, I guess the lesson learned here is... when you visit Spain, try the wine!


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