Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four New Beers @ Front Porch Pub In Houston

Time to get back to a few beer reviews... I have 10 new beers for 2011 that I haven't had a chance to write about yet.  Last weekend I made a trip to Houston, and spent the Friday night with my friend Allison and her friends at a fun place called Front Porch Pub in I guess what they call midtown Houston?  It was a fun place, really good atmosphere and a decent beer list.  Fortunately a "decent beer list" meant they had a few new ones for me to try.
I started off with a "Broken Halo IPA" from Widmer Brothers, a very typical American IPA, not too bold on the hops and easy to drink.  A good starting point for the night and a beer I'd recommend for someone not certain about how they like hoppy beers.  Similar to a Jockamo IPA, it's a good one for craft beer novices.

My Rating: B-

Next up was a Drop Top Amber, also from Widmer Brothers.  It had a nearly identical amber color to the IPA (they are the two beers on the left in the picture) and gained a little character from the honey malts, but was otherwise a pretty basic beer.  Easy to drink though, and a step up from the pale lager category.

My rating: B-

The third beer I tried was from Boulevard Brewery out of Kansas City, MO.  It was their Unfiltered Wheat and I've heard good things about Boulevard so I was disappointed that this was their only beer available here.  I did pick up another one at Spec's the next day, but I'd have liked to try more.  This beer was an easy to drink wheat beer... hints of noble hops and a strong wheat base made for one I could put back in a hurry.  And at only 4.6% abv, why not?

My Rating: B-

The final beer of the evening was another from Widmer Brothers, their Drifter Pale Ale.  This was my favorite of the evening, with a nice blend of amber and caramel malts with the hops.  This was the best one of the night, and I finished off the evening with a few more of them.

My Rating: B+

And with that... four more new ones on the list.  As of publishing this post (Super Bowl Sunday) I am dead even with my 365 in 2011 pace.  And I'm certain to try a few new ones later during the game!  

Cheers!  And...uh... go Packers I guess?

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