Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Terrapin So Fresh & So Green Green

This is another from the beer run to Gainesville a while back... turns out 30 beers goes a long way!  Terrapin Beer Company is a brewery out of Athens, Georgia that has a pretty loyal following.  I first had their beers after a trip to Alabama a few years back, and try to grab a few whenever I'm towards the East and can find them. 
This one came in a bomber... poured into an imperial pint glass. It's a deep orange color, darker than a typical IPA. There's an impressive head with good retention and lacing.  Very appetizing looking beer!
The aroma is hoppy... very hoppy. It's a more floral hop note with a little bit of sweetness to it. It's got a pretty good aroma really.  The flavor is just more of the same... hoppy, but not a lot of balance. It's good but not great on the flavor, I'd really like to see a little more balance in the hop profile or a little malt sweetness to mellow the beer out.

The mouthfeel is good, despite the dominant hops there really isn't a bad aftertaste at all.  It's not a bad IPA, but not one I'd reach for again with other IPAs on the shelf.  This one might be a better choice for a real hop-head but I'm more about a little balance in my beers.

My Rating: B

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