Friday, February 4, 2011

Beer Run: BrewDog Tokyo* & St. Bernardus Gift Pack

Yesterday evening, after enjoying a peaceful "snow day" from work , I headed over to Martin Wine Cellar to pick up a BrewDog Tokyo* because it's the only beer I know of available in Baton Rouge that clocks in at over 14% abv.  14% was my previous high, and one of my resolutions was to break that record, so the 18.2% Tokyo* Imperial Stout will do the trick!  At $15 I don't know that I will go back for another, but it's something I should try at least once.  (My bottle says "Tokio*" but the BrewDog site says "Tokyo*" and the bottles they show have it with a Y... so I dunno... maybe it's an American market copyright thing?)

While there, I also noticed a gift set I couldn't pass up... a St. Bernardus 4-pack, complete with St. Bernardus chalice.  I'm a total sucker for any beer gift sets that come with glassware, and at $21.99 it's really not a bad deal anyway for 4 world-class beers and a glass.  I know that would buy a lot more than 4 buds, but I'll save that for tailgating.  My blog post a long time ago on the St. Bernardus Abt 12 and St. Bernardus Witbier is still the most-viewed post on my site, and although this pack doesn't include the Witbier it does include two new ones for me, the Pater 6 and Prior 8, both dubbels.  I'm looking forward to those new beers a good bit!

I also picked up  a few other singles of some new beers... might as well build up the stash while I'm out and about, right?

Cheers, and stay warm!

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