Monday, February 28, 2011

February Resolution Check-in!

Alright, time for the monthly check-in on how I'm doing on my beer-related New Year's Resolutions.  Here is the January check-in, and now time for February!

1.  Visit more breweries: Still at two down, four to go.  I went by Tin Roof and Parish Brewing in January but failed to make any more visits in February.  I think a trip to Saint Arnold needs to happen soon, and probably NOLA and/or Abita as well!

2.  Get published somewhere other than my own blog: Nothing new here either... damn.

3.  Keep home-brewing:  Still going strong on this one!  We have a noble pilsener fermenting right now as beer #4.

4.  Enter a home-brew contest: Nothing on this one yet, but there are talks about creating a home-brew competition partnering with Jay over at Bite And Booze and withVisit Baton Rouge to host a home-brewing competition for South Louisiana this fall.  Hard to say, but I think hosting a competition and judging might count for this one?

5.  Drink a beer stronger than I ever have before: CHECK!  I found the BrewDog Tokyo* Imperial Stout at Martin Wine Cellar in BR.  You can check out the review here!

6.  Continue to get in better shape as I drink more beer: Still only minimally effective here... I've lost one pound since the new year, but hey, it's a lot better than gaining!  Hopefully some warmer weather and the time change will help get the ball rolling.

7.  Drink 365 new beers in 2011:  We are on day 59 right now, and I'm at 54, so I'm not far off of pace, but I am a little behind.  I'll have to drink a few beers tonight to help catch up!  I still have another dozen or so from Gainesville and 14 or 15 from Houston waiting to be drank.  After I put in an hour on the elliptical of course.  Gotta remember resolution #6.

So... I still think I'm doing pretty well.  March is going to be mostly about #6 and #7 I believe, but I won't let the others slide.  I hope everyone else is still kicking ass on their goals for 2011!

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