Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best Craft Beer of 2012 Poll

The good people over at have put together themselves a "best craft beer of 2012" poll, and needless to say there are some good beers represented.  The rule was a beer had to be introduced in 2012 to be eligible... which is fine and good as there were plenty of top notch releases to choose from.  Of the 50 they put on the ballot I have tried 11 of them, and picking the best was pretty tough.  I narrowed it down to either the Russian River Row 2 Hill 56, or the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary.  I was about to vote for the Stone when I realized that this poll allows for write-in votes!  My favorite new release of 2012 wasn't listed, the Parish Grand Reserve Barleywine!  So, I encourage all of you out there to go check out the poll and put in a write-in for the Parish Grand Reserve Barleywine.  Or vote for the one you like the best in the poll... or write something else in if you so choose, it's a free country after all.  

Either way, let them know what you think.  As of now the Saint Arnold Endeavour is in the lead, and while I love the Endeavour, it's no Parish Grand Reserve.

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