Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NOLA Irish Channel Stout Is Going Year-Round!

Good news from the NOLA Brewing facebook feed, Irish Channel Stout is going to be a year-round beer, with cans also expected sometime in 2013! I've always thought that Irish Channel Stout was one of the best Louisiana craft beers, so this is very exciting news.  It's been slow to make it into Baton Rouge this year, but I know it'll be popping up in some places around town soon.  Hopefully it will be here for good when it makes it!  I've also heard they are going to keep on putting out Mechahopzilla, plus NOLA is looking at a few more special beers this year.  I had a pint of Mechahopzilla last night at Bulldog, so I know it's still around.  

Irish Channel Stout year round, Irish Channel Stout in cans, more Mechahopzilla, and more to come.  Things are definitely looking up for NOLA, and this is very good for Louisiana beer drinkers.

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