Friday, January 4, 2013

Feature Beer Friday! - Great Divide Yeti

Welcome to 2013 folks!  I'm sure there will be a few new breweries entering our state this year, such as New Belgium, and if I had my pick Great Divide Brewing would be pretty high on the list.  Unfortunately for now we don't see Great Divide on the shelves, but I know plenty of readers travel to Texas, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida pretty regularly and Great Divide can be found pretty easily in any of those states. 

Yeti Imperial Stout is one of Great Divide's flagship brands and comes in several varieties (oak-aged, Belgian, etc...) in addition to the original stout.  The original recipe comes in bombers and in 4-packs, while the other varieties only come in bombers.  For this Feature Beer Friday we had a bottle of their basic Yeti, and I was excited to get started. 

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), Jeremy Spikes  and James Lawson ( 

Serving: 12 oz. glass bottle.

Appearance: Awesome dark beer with an off-white head
Aroma: Rich chocolate, Jay just wrote down "brilliant" in his description and gave the Yeti a whopping 24/25 on the aroma. 

Taste: Rich again, but a little roasted/burnt along with the sweetness. 

Mouthfeel: Easy to drink for such a strong beer, very nice.  

Overall: No one hated this one, but Jay and I scored it a grade better than James and Jeremy.  In fact, my 89 is the second-highest mark yet.  This is a winner of a stout, so if you're traveling and you see some, don't hesitate.  I recently also broke out a nearly two-year aged bottle and it was even better than when fresh.  If you have the cellar space, some Yeti is a nice addition.
Overall Rating: 79.5
My Rating: 89

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