Friday, January 25, 2013

Feature Beer Friday! - Oscar Blues G'Knight

Alright, this next featured brew isn't available in Louisiana yet, but it's not a hard one to find for anyone doing some out of state traveling.  G'Knight is an Imperial Red Ale from Oskar Blues Brewing with locations in a few places in Colorado, but I think the brewery itself is in Lyons.  They also have a brewpub that I think is in Longmont, CO. 

The G'Knight is labeled as an Imperial red, which really just means a stronger, bolder version of a Red Ale.  In this case stronger means 8.7% alcohol and bolder means dry hopped and 60 IBU.  This one really borders on being a double IPA or some sort of imperial pale ale... so who says style guidelines aren't meant to be broken?  

Another note is that G'Knight, like all other Oskar Blues beers, comes in a can.  If you make your way over to Texas and hit up a store like Spec's you'll see several of their beers on the shelves, like the Dale's Pale Ale, Ten Fidy Stout, Mama's Yellow Pils, and most likely, this G'Knight. 

Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), James Lawson, and Jeremy Spikes  (

Serving: 12 oz. can.

Appearance: Clear amber color, decent off-white head. All above average scores here.

Aroma: I wrote down, "caramel, toffee, bready."  Jay thought it smelled like banana nut bread, so we were definitely getting some of that bready flavor out of this one. 

Taste: Hoppy!  I think the hoppiness of the taste overpowers the nice malts we picked up on the nose.  Jeremy described it as, "kiwi fruit with a hoppy ass finish."

Mouthfeel: Bitter, but that's to be expected.

Overall: This beer doesn't play by the rules, but that's just fine.  It has a unique blend of malts and hops that I thought worked well together at times and conflicted at times as well.  Absolutely worth a try, and worth having in the fridge as well.

Overall Rating: 71.25
My Rating: 78

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