Thursday, February 7, 2013

NOLA Mechahopzilla Cans, Check It Out!

Alright, it's old news by now on NOLA's Facebook page or on The Beer Buddha, but here's a preview of what the upcoming NOLA Mechahopzilla cans are going to look like!  

Pretty bad ass if you ask me... and just another sign that the guys over at NOLA Brewing are headed the right direction.  Irish Channel Stout year-round?  Check.  Irish Channel Stout coming in cans as well?  Check.  Mechahopzilla coming in cans?  Check!  I havent' seen a can design for the Irish Channel Stout, but NOLA puts out some of the best beer graphics around, so I'm confident they will be just as cool as this guy.

Keep up the good work guys, and I'll be looking to stock my fridge pretty soon.

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