Monday, February 18, 2013

Abita Strawberry 2013 is Coming Soon!

I'm sure most of my readers also are fans of Abita on Facebook or follow them on twitter, but for those who aren't, they announced today that the wait is over for Abita Strawberry.  I didn't see an exact release date for the seasonal brew, but my guess is that it'll be in stores this week.  In 2011 it released in late January, but I think it was closer to March in 2012.   

Previously, the hype for this beer was so overwhelming that it got to be hard to find, but in recent years the supply seems to have caught up to (or exceeded) the demand, so no one should go thirsty for their strawberry fix. I think I saw it in stores for at least 6 months in 2012 and I have no reason to expect different this year. 

You probably know that I'm not the biggest Abita fan in the world, but this is one of their better beers, in my opinion.  It's just a simple strawberry lager, but that's also exactly what you get.   A light-bodied, low alcohol strawberry beer that pairs well with hot weather and spicy crawfish.  Once I get my hands on a 6-pack I'll let everyone know how the 2013 version stacks up, but for now, be on the lookout.  

In related news, The Beer Buddha seems to be on to a rumor that Abita will be replacing their regular wheat beer with a lemon wheat beer... interesting. I also haven't had a chance to try their new Spring IPA, but first reviews from a few friends are underwhelming as expected. 

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