Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Breweries Every Day! (well... almost...)

Much thanks to Dustin Davis for bringing this article to my attention via his blog, Sports on Tap!  Apparently there have been 50 new breweries opened up in the last two months across the United States.  FIFTY!  That seems like an awful lot for just two months, but I'm not going to complain.  Unfortunately none of them are in Louisiana, but there are a couple in Texas so maybe I'll get a chance to try their beers or check them out soon?  

First up is a nano-brewery out of Beaumont called Cornel's Brewing Company.  Apparently they debuted with a Mexican-style lager but have some much more interesting beers in the works such as a Pecan Pie scottish-style ale, a vanilla porter aged in bourbon barrels, a rye pale ale and a "Smokin' Hot Blonde" that will be aged with roasted poblano peppers.  Now some of those really sound intriguing and I'm going to have to make a pit stop in Beaumont on one of my future Houston trips and see what I can find!  (Yes, the articles say they released their first beer in July, so I'm not sure why they would count as opening in the last two months... but they are on the list?)

Also new in Texas is a brewery called Wicked Beaver Brewing in the town of Wolfforth.  Just where the fuck is Wolfforth you ask?  Well, a google map search (yeah, I had no clue either) shows that Wolfforth is in the middle of nowhere.  Zoom out a few times and it turns out the Wolfforth is not too far from Lubbock in the Texas panhandle.  They take pride in brewing their beers with no automation (so really a commercial scale homebrewer, awesome!) and they started off strong with a Black Ale as their first beer.  Very nice!
I know there are a few coming closer to home as well... I haven't heard much news about the Pelican Brewing Company or Iron Rail, but they've got to be getting closer to being on the market.  Add in new brewing facilities for Bayou Teche and Parish Brewing and it's still an exciting time for craft beer drinkers in Louisiana as well.

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