Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cooking With Cholula Hot Sauce - Part 2

Alright, a couple of posts ago I made some spicy fajitas with some Cholula chili garlic hot sauce and washed that down with a Nogne O Imperial IPA.  I was itching to try another one of these Cholula flavors so it was time for some chili lime pork!  This really was a pretty simple dish... pork tenderloin filets, with some olive oil, Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning, one lime juiced up, and then the chili lime hot sauce! 
While the pork was cooking (about 45 minutes in the oven on 375) it was time for a side, dish, so I whipped up some lentils real quick and boiled them in a little crab boil for an extra kick.  With about five minutes left for the pork I added some shredded cheese because who doesn't like cheese?  Shortly after that, a quick spicy dinner was served.
 I'd recommend another IPA with this dish, something fresh and hoppy to work well with the spices and the lime.  And just because this dish has some lime, don't just grab a cheap Mexican import and throw a lime in it.  Please!  Cheers!

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