Saturday, December 31, 2011

The BR Beer Scene 2012 Resolutions

2011 was a great year, as I talked a bit about yesterday, and along with all that drinking came a lot of hits, website success, and also a little weight gain.

In 2012 I know I'm not going to stop drinking... it's just not going to happen even without the 365 new beers goal or trying to visit different breweries.  I just enjoy beer (and whiskey) too much to quit.  I am, however going to try to limit my drinking by imposing a new "rule" upon myself that I have to walk a mile for every "drink" I consume.  

That's right, I have a pedometer on order and once I figure out my stride length and how many steps are in a mile I can start counting it up and seeing where I'm at.  The average person walks about a mile a day naturally, but I have a pretty sedentary day job so I might not ever be at that number.  So the goal will be, of course, to monitor my miles walked, and always keep ahead of the curve as I also track all of my drinks consumed.  

As far as "drinks" go, here are my guidelines to follow:
  • One normal beer (7% or less) in a pint or less quantity is equal to one drink.  I know there's a lot of variation between a 12 oz. Michelob Ultra and a pint of Stone IPA but it would be a real pain to count all those calories so one beer = one mile for this one.
  • One normal beer (7% or less) in a bomber or 750ml is equal to two drinks.  I drink plenty of bombers so this will likely come into play. 
  • One strong beer (over 7%) in a pint or less quantity is equal to two drinks. 
  • One strong beer (over 7%) in a bomber or 750ml is equal to four drinks.
  • Any beer over 12% is triple in value to a normal beer.
  • Two tastes of whiskey (as in, the Raise A Glass tourney) will be equal to one drink.
  • One pour of whiskey (or other liquor) will be equal to one drink.
  • A double pour is of course equal to two drinks.
  • Any whiskey mixed with a sugar-filled beverage will be doubled in value.  (Diet drinks or water do not double the value.)
  • A glass of wine (approximately 5 ounces) constitutes one drink. 
  • A full bottle of wine equals 5 drinks.
  • Each size up on a daiquiri/margarita will be one drink.  Small = 1, medium =2, large = 3, extra large = 4, etc... unless they are the sugar-free variety, then cut it in half.
Sharing is allowed.  If I split a bomber with a friend it only counts as half that bomber's worth.  Sharing of any other beverages can be distributed appropriately, as it pertains to bottles of wine especially. For beer tastings, the standard pour will determine the amount of drinks.  A 4 ounce pour is 1/4 of a pint and 1/4 of a beer if it's standard.  And so on...

So, that's the plan... a mile per drink all year long.  I might get a little behind at first with New Year's day football and all the bowl games on Jan. 2nd, and then the BCSCG on Jan. 9th, but I'll catch up on the miles.  I promise!

Cheers, and here's hoping you all have a fantastic 2012!