Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rice University, Joining The College Beer Licensing Trend!

Alright, by now you probably all know about Tin Roof partnering with LSU to create an LSU licensed beer and potentially partner on educational opportunities in the future.  This is a great idea in my opinion if done properly, and it makes sense with the proximity to one another and the fact that the owners of Tin Roof have ties to LSU.  

Well, over in Houston you have Rice University, and the widely popular Saint Arnold Brewery, which just happens to have been founded by a couple of Rice grads.  To celebrate Rice's 100th birthday Saint Arnold is releasing two beers specially licensed by Rice to feature unique labels.

They will be the Centenni-Ale Blonde Ale and Centenni-Ale Dark Ale.  Now, sorry for anyone expecting new beers... the Blonde Ale is just going to be a new label on their relatively new Weedwacker beer, and the Dark Ale is going to be a new label on their extremely new Santo beer, which I haven't had a chance to try yet.  The Santo is described as a "black Kölsch" and I'm interested to check it out at the least.

So... there's really nothing new here.  No crazy brewing collaboration or classes or experimental beers created by current students.  It's still pretty cool though, in my opinion, that the Saint Arnold guys can celebrate their alma mater this way.  Plus it lends even more credibility to LSU for getting into the beer partnership business when you see other universities and breweries trying similar things.

So, drink up Owl fans! 

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