Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Beer & Crabs In Slidell

Alright, this is going to be the sort of post where I don't go into crazy detail about each beer's flavor... because I don't really remember too much about them all!  That being said, if I'm going to go crazy with some crabs, why not pair them with some good beer?  Typically I would say that if you're going to eat local crabs you should drink local beer, but I had some more gifts from Danielle Wheeler on hand, plus a bonus beer from my Mom's trip to Key West!  I guess one perk of writing about beer is that people like to bring me interesting beers from their trips.  And I never mind doing the same and sharing when I have some good ones on hand.  Here was the lineup for the day:

The Key West Sunset Ale came courtesy of my Mom of course while Danielle supplied the other 5.  Of all 6 beers only the Bell's Pale Ale was one I had tried before, and I really wasn't impressed the first time around.  After drinking this one I can say for certain that the first must have been a bad bottle, because it was a pretty good beer!  Our appetizer for the afternoon was a plate of stuffed jalapenos... I'm not sure that spicy food is the best to mix with good beer, but hey, at least I'll have something tasty on hand when my tongue starts to burn!

After scorching my tongue with a few of those it was time for some crabs, and James's uncle Mark served them in one of the best ways I've seen, a miniature dugout canoe!  They were fantastic and spicy just like expected, so of course we dug in.

By the time the appetizers and crabs were gone I was done with my 6 craft beers... in all honesty, bringing some new ones was a mistake with such spicy food.  I really should have brought some Abita Strawberry or other less hoppy beer that I already knew I liked rather than some I wasn't sure about.  All the beers were tasty, but I just wasn't able to fully appreciate the subtle flavors with such spice from the food.  I even went through the effort to bring my own glass to catch as much as I could, but still, too much spice on the tongue!  On that note, it was fruity umbrella drinks to finish off the afternoon!

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