Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Soon: LSU Beer!

Well, kind of... it's actually going to be Tin Roof Beer in a partnership with LSU.  I had heard some talk about this for a while, but it seems that with Tin Roof and LSU joining forces this is finally going to be a reality.  The full article can be found here on The Advocate website, but here are a few highlights:
In addition, the university is getting creative in generating its own revenues, including getting into the business of brewing its own LSU brand beer, Martin said.

“We are in the brewing business,” he said. “Our students are working on that.”

The project that Martin has long discussed as a possibility is a partnership with the Tin Roof Brewing Co. and Mockler Beverage and could begin distributing later this year, according to LSU.

The article doesn't mention anything about a possible brewing program academically, but students were apparently involved in the development of the beers.  There are plenty of universities and colleges out there with a brewing curriculum and I'd love to see LSU join that club.  A brewery just a few blocks away can make for a great learning tool, the university could see additional revenue and exposure, and the local guys at Tin Roof certainly stand to benefit from LSU branding on their products. 

The real key, of course, is to brew some good beer with LSU's name on it.  I'm sure some adjunct swill with an LSU logo would sell like crazy, but I sure hope this project is about more than the bottom line.  Knowing the guys at Tin Roof, this is going to be something that holds itself to a higher standard, but also a beer that will be enjoyable out of the can on a hot South Louisiana game day. 

Now next time you see me out tailgating, pass me one of those LSU beers!

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