Friday, July 29, 2011

A Picture Hint From NOLA Brewing - Smoky Mary

I was browsing the NOLA Brewing website the other day when I noticed the following picture under their "Brews" section:

So... it looks like the next upcoming NOLA brew is going to be a Smoky Mary smoked ale, which is labeled on their site as a seasonal brew.  This will be their 4th seasonal beer, following the Irish Channel Stout (winter), Hurricane Saison (spring), and Flambeau Red (summer).  So, here's hoping this one is out on tap this fall when the weather starts to cool down.  It won't be the first smoked beer to come out of Louisiana, Bayou Teche already beat them to that with their Boucanee' which smokes the malts over cherry wood.  Even still, it's always good to know another local beer is coming out, and so far nothing from NOLA has disappointed.


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