Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Shoutout To Samuel Adams!

I really feel like Samuel Adams (AKA Boston Beer Company) is a brewery I tend to overlook.  Whether it's because I'm looking for something new, looking for something local, or just sticking to a few of my go-to beers I rarely seem to order up or pick up a Sam Adams.  When I reviewed the Winter Classics pack about 6 months ago I noted that the Boston Lager was an underrated beer and I stand by that.  This 365 in 2011 quest has led me to new beers but I'm going to remember to order some more Boston Lagers when there's nothing new on tap. 

Fortunately, my drinking adventures have recently led me to a few new Sam Adams beers... first was the Rustic Saison on tap at The Chimes.  It's a pretty light in alcohol (4.35%) Belgian saison style ale with a respectable B- score on BeerAdvocate.  I didn't have the chance to write out a review (I rarely do when I'm not reviewing properly at home) but I can say that I'd try this one again if I had the chance.  And definitely props to The Chimes for having something new on draft!  It seems like that's getting more and more rare these days.  Or maybe it's just me?

Shortly after checking out the Rustic Saison at the Chimes I found myself at The Bulldog with some friends, where they also had the Rustic Saison on tap.  After drinking another one of them I noticed that they also had the Sam Adams Wee Heavy in house.  Well... I knew what I was getting next!  The Wee Heavy is of course the same style it's named after... a 10% brew that the bartender rightfully warned me about.  He even asked me if I wanted a room temperature glass!  Um, of course I do... really unless it's a BMC product the room temperature glass should be standard and the frosted glass should be the special request, but at least he asked.  The 10% alcohol was noticeable, but I still really enjoyed this one... if I saw one in bottles I'd definitely pick it up to age.  

Then, on a trip to the beach house, I noticed a couple of Sam Adams Brewmaster's Series beers in the back of the fridge.  Hmmm... no telling how old they were but they were new ones to me, so I enjoyed a Blackberry Witbier and a Hefeweizen out of a wine glass.  Yeah, a wine glass... what can I say it was that or plastic cups, and a large wine glass really is a decent way to drink a beer.  I'll also have to make a mental note to take a few stacks of pint glasses with me the next time I head down there... I certainly have enough to spare.  

Okay... that's all the Sam Adams love for now... I'm sure I'll try another few before this year is up, but I'm going to be sure to keep them in mind whenever I'm looking at a bunch of taps I've already tried and just want a tasty brew.

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