Monday, January 3, 2011

Sam Adams Winter Classics in Review...

The Sam Adams Winter Classics lineup... from left to right, Winter Lager, Holiday Porter, Boston Lager,White Ale, Chocolate Bock, and Old Fezziwig Ale.  I mentioned the lineup a week or so ago and have had the chance to try all of them and here are a few bullet point thoughts on the mixed 12-pack.  

  1. The clear winner in my opinion was the Old Fezziwig Ale... a nice Winter Warmer with a good blend of spices, malts, and hops.  The hype on this one wasn't far off at all.
  2. The regular old Boston Lager is an underrated beer.  I never seem to order Sam Adams when I'm out, but this is a much better lager than I remembered.  It's hoppier than I expected but still with a decent malt balance to it.  Unlike some lagers, there is actual flavor in this one.
  3. The Chocolate Bock missed the mark for me.  It had more of a coffee flavor to it and what hops were there conflicted with, rather than blended with, the malt flavors.  
  4. The other three beers are all solid "B" beers and definitely pleasing to the palate but nothing too special about them for the styles.  The Winter Lager can be found on its own but the White Ale and Holiday Porter are only available in this pack.
  5. The pack is definitely worth getting for a party or something of that nature where you're intending to share, but I'm not sure I'd want to regularly buy them for myself.  Part of that is because I like to try new beers, but also I wasn't thrilled by half the beers in here.
I'm glad I gave it a try, if for nothing else than I had forgot how solid of a beer the regular old Sam Adams Boston Lager is.  Cheers!

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