Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: 2011 Abita Strawberry

It's that time of year in South Louisiana... okay, it's actually a good bit early this year... but still, the Abita Strawberry is out, and flying off the shelves.  Needless to say, the majority of people down here love this stuff.  The release each Spring Winter is definitely the most anticipated and heralded launch of any of the local seasonal brews.  When it was first released several years ago it was off the shelves before everyone could get some to enjoy... since then Abita has stepped up their production, even going national this year.  

Fortunately, the quality is still there.  Some years have been too sweet for my tastes, but Abita really seems to have the recipe down now.  For those that haven't had the pleasure, it's a gold colored lager, with a large white head.  You can see that to the right, I don't really need to describe the look for it when a picture can do the job!

I checked out my old review on this... and I remarked about it being overly sweet, and tough to drink more than one.  Well, that's definitely changed.  I can down a 6-pack of these guys in 8.7 minutes these days.  The wheat base is much more a part of the beer, making more of a strawberry beer and less of a strawberry malt liquor.  This turns the Abita Strawberry into a tasty, sessionable lager with enough sweet kick to let you know it's a fruit beer, but also enough malt base to retain it's beer characteristics.

What the result is, in my opinion, is the perfect beer compliment to a batch of spicy crawfish.  So, give one a try, the new batch is great, and enjoy!

My Rating: B+


  1. How has nobody commented yet that you poured an Abita beer into a Tin Roof pint glass? Winning!

  2. delicious! Im wondering what the Alcohol content is, and the other ingredients?

  3. Alcohol is listed at 4.2% abv, and it's basically a light lager other than the strawberry flavors.