Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zapp's International Beer Festival 2012!

Hey everyone, just a heads up that the date is soon approaching for the 2012 Zapp's International Beer Festival!  It'll be on Saturday, March 24th starting at 3:30 PM.  Tickets are limited to 1,500 total (and trust me, this is a good thing, the crowds might be unbearable otherwise) so reserve a spot soon.  It'll be at the Rural Life Museum (on Essen by I-10) like always, but the best reason to show up this year?  I'll be there serving up some homebrew with the Brasseurs A La Maison.  We expect to have around 30 beers on tap as a club and I can promise you that the homebrews are usually the most interesting beers at these festivals, and the first to go.  

So get there early, find the Brasseurs A La Maison tent, and try some home brews!  Then check out all the rest.


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