Monday, February 6, 2012

January Resolution Results!

Hey everyone, for those who missed it, my 2012 goal was to walk at least a mile per drink consumed.  You can read all about the rules here, but I wanted to take a quick look at how January went.
Total Miles: 127.55
Total Drinks: 118.5
Average Miles: 4.11
Average Drinks: 3.82
Highest Daily Mileage: 9.41 Miles (1/9)
Highest Daily Drink Total: 9.5 Drinks (twice, 1/21 and 1/28)
Lowest Daily Mileage: 1.58 Miles (1/23) and 1.63 (1/24)
Lowest Daily Drink Total: 0 Drinks (5 times)
So what does this tell me?  I think the most eye-opening bit is the two lowest days, of 1.58 and 1.63 miles.  Both of these days were weekdays where I spent most of the work day sitting at my computer, then headed home and had things to do where I didn't get a chance to go walking at all.  A simple walk around the block with Abbey could have added about a mile to those totals.  Unfortunately I think this is what a lot of my days looked like in 2011.  The good news is that it's really easy to take that under 2 miles per day and turn it into an average of slightly over 4.  
The highest mileage was a day where I walked Abbey in the morning, then walked the full LSU lakes with Mandi, and walked Abbey a short ways again after the BCS championship game (BOO!!) that night.  I didn't quite get to 10, but still, 9.41 miles is a good bit.  
The two highest drinking days were Saturdays spent going out.  The first one was Avenue Pub for their Swedish beer tasting, followed by a few drinks at Mama Ford's birthday party.  The only reason this day wasn't higher was that Avenue Pub was only pouring half-pours of all the Swedish beers and they were almost all below 7% abv.  The second 9.5 drink day was a Saturday in Houston where Mandi and I went to the Karbach Brewery then to the Petrol Station for some more beers.  Both of those places serve a lot of high alcohol beers so even though I tried less beers they counted for more drinks.
What's the plan for February and beyond?  Basically more of the same... walk more and drink less.  As long as I can keep those miles above the drinks I'll be doing just fine.  

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