Thursday, March 8, 2012

Congrats to Cochon! - 20 Best Restaurants In America

I know it's not really beer news, but I happened to come across this and notice that Cochon in New Orleans was named one of the 20 best restaurants in America!  It was actually part of the best 101, but why not focus on being in the top 20?  The sad part is that I've only been to two of these 101 restaurants, and neither of them are among the 4 in New Orleans.  Yeah, I feel pretty bad that I've never been to Galatoire's, August, Commander's Palace, or the aforementioned Cochon.  
I have, however, been to Cochon Butcher, the accompanying sandwich shop and butcher that makes for an absolutely awesome pre-Avenue Pub meal.  I know Avenue Pub has some pretty good food of their own, but don't hesitate to take the short walk to the warehouse district and try Cochon Butcher, or if you're really up for it, Cochon.  

Well done guys, way to represent New Orleans and Louisiana!

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