Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who Wants Some 28% Ghost Deer From BrewDog?

I know I'd try it... BrewDog announced on their blog the plans for a 28% fully fermented beer called "Ghost Deer" that will be served on tap through a stuffed deer head.  Yeah, you read that right... here's the picture!

Unfortunately this is only going to be available at the Edinburgh pub... dammit!  I'm not sure what to think about the deer head (some sort of European stag I'm sure) as a tap, but the guys at BrewDog are pretty serious about taxidermy and this wouldn't be their first beer to be served via the art.  Unlike the crazy strong Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck, this Ghost Deer is fermented fully to achieve the 28% alcohol rather than a process where they freeze the other beers and skim the ice (water freezes first) off the top to concentrate the alcohol.

I won't have the chance to try this one, but I like that breweries out there are doing this stuff!

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