Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally... Abita 25th Birthday Vanilla Doubledog!

Late notice, I know, but the official Abita 25th Anniversary Vanilla Doubledog release party will be tonight, from 7-10 at The Barley Oak in Mandeville.  Here is the link to the event details on Abita's site.  There is also a Facebook event page for those more Facebook inclined.

The good news is, even if you can't make it tonight, this one will be out in bottles before too long.  I'd bet on 2-4 weeks before see them around Baton Rouge, and maybe even on tap at a few places too?  Review to come once I actually get to try this one, but at least we know this long-rumored brew is a reality!

Update: internet rumor has it that bottles are already on the shelves at Matherne's on Highland, so 2-4 weeks is way off.  I'll be looking for them even sooner!

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