Friday, September 23, 2011

Beer Places: The Cove - Baton Rouge, LA

Alright, time to finally feature one of the best places in Baton Rouge to get a bottle of beer, The Cove on Corporate Blvd.  It's a rather nondescript place on the outside, tucked into the corner of a shopping center near Jason's Deli and Albasha, but the high-ceiling interior really gives it an interesting atmosphere.  there's a new scotch & cigar bar on the immediate right-hand side after walking in that I haven't had a chance to check out but I have a scotch tasting coming my way!  Maybe I'll take a break from writing about beer to give that a proper review in the future.

Two Epic beers from New Zealand.
 Carrying on, the hallway opens up into the main bar space, with a long bar backed by all sorts of whiskeys, other liquors, and lots and lots of bottles of beer.  Seriously, a LOT of beer, mostly imported because it's just a lot easier to get different imports than it is to get various domestic microbrews.  There isn't anything on tap so it's bottle only and some can get quite expensive.  Even for me the beer list can be intimidating at times, but it's usually not hard to pick out something I've never had for a reasonable price.  

A MOA beer from New Zealand at The Cove.
One of the main reasons I end up at The Cove is that the homebrew club I'm a member of, Brasseurs A La Maison, holds the monthly meetings there.  They are always accompanied by a tasting of a specific style and we almost always do a little pre and/or post-drinking at the bar.  Nothing wrong with that, right? 

An Epic / Dogfish Head Portamarillo, along with a Nogne O collaboration DIPA.
A Troubadour Obscura from Belgium
All this leads up to, of course, that if you're really looking for some crazy imported beer, The Cove is the place to go in Baton Rouge.

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