Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Lindemans Pêche Lambic

Time for a new style to these reviews... the Lambic.  A lambic is an interesting style because it's allowed to openly ferment, using wild yeast to spontaneously ferment.  For this reason lambics are only produced in a specific region of Belgium with the right natural yeasts to produce beer as opposed to total funk.  (I mean, some people might consider lambics to be total funk... but to each their own!)  The most popular style of lambic is the fruit lambic, and one of the most popular brewers of such fruit lambics is Lindemans.  

Lindemans is best known for their Framboise, a raspberry lambic that can be found in bottle all over and even on tap at a few places around town like the Chimes.  (They have had it before, not sure if it's in the current lineup...)  However, Lindemans also does many other fruit flavors, so the last time I was in Houston, I picked up a couple of the other flavors, and some Young's Double Chocolate Stout to go with them. 

First, a review of the Pêche Lambic by itself... it's clear, with sparkling orange color and not much head. Kinda has a champagne look to it. The aroma didn't blow me away... definitely peach, sweet, and a little grass note too. A little sour.

The taste is far better! Still sour and peach notes, but there's a nice malt beer flavor in there too. It's not overly sweet like some lambics and really has a tasty balance that makes this one far more drinkable than the raspberry lambic from Lindemans that really overpowers me.

I'm a fan, I like the peach flavors, and love the balance.  All in all this is a solid beer that stands well on its own, although a lot of people might find the peach flavors to be a big strong.

My Rating: B

The real treat to these lambics, though, is to blend them with a good chocolate beer.  I recommend a Young's Double Chocolate Stout or a Rogue Chocolate Stout, although other beers will do the trick just as well.  Blend about 2/3 chocolate stout to 1/3 lambic and you can really have a tasty desert beer. 

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