Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick Review: BrewDog Dogma

Here's another one from Scottish brewers BrewDog, that I happened to see and pick up at Spec's on a recent trip to Houston.  I'm pretty sure it can be found around Baton Rouge as well, chances are Calandro's and maybe a few other places have it.  They have other BrewDog beers for sure.  In fact, I recently featured their Tokyo* Stout as it was my first beer above 14% abv ever!  I also wrote about their Punk IPA toward the end of 2010, a very tasty IPA. This one is their Dogma ale... a spiced beer brewed with honey, kola nuts, poppy seeds, and guarana.  Obviously I know all about honey, and I know guarana is the stuff they use in a lot of energy drinks, but I'm not too familiar with kola nuts or poppy seeds as a spice.  Well... here goes nothing! 

I poured this one into an imperial pint glass... it's a slightly hazy brilliant amber color with a ridiculous beige head. Phenomenal retention and lacing... good looking brew.

It definitely smells spiced, with an amber ale base. It's hard to pick out the exact spices, but I can tell that there's definitely some honey in there.  It's tasty though, pretty good.

The nuttiness comes out strong in the taste, more than any other flavor. I'm not familiar with kola nuts but it's pretty obvious that's what's up. It's also very boozy, tasting way stronger than 7.8% to me. The other flavors are there as well, just mostly unfamiliar to me.

The booziness throws off the mouthfeel for me, but other than that I really like this one. It's certainly something interesting and new to me, and I'd definitely try it again to get a better handle on all the flavors.  A very different beer for me, but a good one.
My Rating: B

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