Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"The World's Worst Beer"

No, this isn't what I think is the world's worst beer, as I haven't yet traveled and tasted enough to make that call, even though I'd tried plenty that would be in the running.  This is actually about a quick piece I stumbled upon on The Huffington Post about the The World's Worst Beer.  The survey was done from 3,400 individuals from 99 countries, and not really a surprise, but the USA was voted by a landslide as having the worst beer.  You know, I can see how people from other countries might think that... the overwhelming majority of American beer they see is going to be Budweiser, Bud Light, and some occasional Coors and Miller brands.  If I'm living in England and can get Fuller's or Sam Smith on a regular basis at any pub, I'd think American beer is crap too.  Even while I disagree with the results, I can't really care too much... over here we know our craft beer scene is blowing up and putting out some of the best beer in the world.

What I can laugh at, though... are their pictures!

Here's the one for the USA:

Wait a second... America supposedly has the worst beer in the world, and the picture you're going to show us is dudes feeding women beer (in theory) out of bottles at some sort of Oktoberfest (presumably based on the dudes in the back) celebration?  What. The. Fuck?  I think a nice shot of the Wal-Mart beer aisle with 53 different packaging options for Bud Light, Bud, Coors Light, Miller Lite, and MGD would be more appropriate, right?

And here's the one for China:

Wait a second folks... Asahi, PBR, and Tiger Beer?  Um, Japan, USA, and Singapore anyone?  I believe the stuff on the right side is Chinese at least, and from what I've tried China might really have the worst beer in the world, so at least they earned their second place spot.

Third place was Italy... if you check out the link above you'll see a picture of a chick drinking out of a Chimay goblet.  Yeah, Chimay is a Belgian beer, and it's fucking awesome.  

Fourth place is France... and this picture:

Um, editors... Grimbergen is also Belgian... and also pretty damn good.  Obviously they didn't decide on France being in 4th place, but a picture of a nondescript scene prominently featuring a Belgian beer?  Really?

Fifth place was Mexico, can't really argue that too much... and the picture shows and unidentified beer being poured into a frosty mug, with a lime on hand.  Yup, nailed that one.  Well done guys.

In sixth and seventh place are the UK and Australia, and some more appropriate pictures, although I don't think the UK belongs anywhere on this list, that's obviously how the "world" feels.
Rounding out their list is  India, probably deserving of a spot as most Indian beer tends to be pretty horrible.  At least the stuff that makes it over here, which is probably also how they in India feel about the USA.  Regardless of that... check out the picture:

Hey look, a craft beer sampler!  From... Dogfish Head?  Which is in Delaware?  Which is in the United States?  Seriously?  

That's all for this post... hopefully others of you found the pictures matched to the countries as absurd and funny as I did!


  1. Dang. Stick it to 'em Boo! It's amazing how crappy publications like the Huffington Post are sometimes... and people read them to be completely factual and form their opinions around this crap.

  2. Maybe they just typed "India Beer" into a search and got a pic of Dogfish Head's sampler because there's a 90-Minute India Pale Ale in there?