Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Present #1 - St. Lous Beers!

"Santa Claus" came a little early for me this year for at least one present, as yesterday my friend Lynn who currently lives in St. Louis, came through and dropped off a gift bag full of local St. Louis beers!  She also writes a blog about living in St. Louis... check it out!  Fortunately there is more to beer in St. Louis than Anheuser-Busch... and fortunately Lynn knew to go for the smaller local breweries!  Here's what she brought me:

What we have here is an 8-beer sampler pack from O'Fallon Brewery, and a couple of reserve series 750ml bottles from the Schlafly Brewery.  The four beers from O'Fallon (two each) are the 5 Day IPA, Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale, Wheach Peach Wheat Ale, and Unfiltered Wheat.  Of these I think I'm looking forward to the 5 Day IPA the best, but the Peach Wheat Ale sounds interesting too.  Hopefully they are all fantastic!  The two beers from Schlafly are their 2009 Bourbon-Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, and their 2009 Oak-Aged Barleywine.  Excellent job in picking these two out, Lynn, I'm really excited to give them a try!

Such a great early Christmas present... I'll be sure to report back on how good they are!

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