Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cucapá Obscura - Mexican Craft Beer

Ah, Mexico... we all love to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a margarita or 4, or perhaps a bucket of Corona longnecks complete with lime wedges?  Or sometimes even step it up to a Dos Equis, which as I elaborated on back in the World Cup series, is far better without the lime.  One thing I've never really thought of when I thought Mexican beer though, is craft beer.  I've known that Mexican craft breweries exist, but until very recently I'd never had the pleasure of trying any of them.  That is, until I saw some Cucapá Obscura on the shelves at Calandro's Saturday evening.  It's labeled as an 'American Brown Ale' which is the same style as Abita Turbodog, so let's see how it compares.

The beer is dark... brown like the style suggests with not much head.  It definitely has a similar appearance to Turbodog.  The aroma is malty, hints of chocolate, slightly metallic. The taste is more of the same... a little muted, but there are definitely roasted malt flavors but still a metallic twinge.  Very thin on the mouth, one of the more watery beers I've tried recently, and I can't say I'd pick up any more of these next time.

This isn't a horrible beer, but for $10.99 per 6-pack I'm going to try something new or go back to Turbodog next time if I'm looking for this style.  I'd be willing to try some other beers from Cucapá Brewing Company but probably not this one.  Even still though, it's good to see some craft beer coming from south of the border, maybe the next one will be better and the next even better.  The general consensus from the beer nerds is that this is better than I'm giving it credit for, so maybe it even will earn a second look sometime.

My review: C-

Picture from the BetterBeerBlog, as I wasn't able to take a good one myself... thanks!

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