Friday, February 28, 2014

Feature Beer Friday! - Victory Festbier

Another Yankee beer... this time from Victory Brewing out of Pennsylvania.  (Yes, I know technically Maryland isn't a northern state... they are south (and west) of the Mason-Dixon line after all, so maybe they should be considered part of the south... and maybe the sun won't rise tomorrow either.)  Victory isn't available in Louisiana yet, but it can be found pretty easily in Texas if you're making a trip that way, and most states to the north and east of us as well. 

Today's Feature Beer is the Festbier, Victory's take on an Oktoberfest. They keep it authentic, using imported German malts and hops, and even using a decoction brewing method to replicate the original processes. Nothing wrong there, that's for sure.
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jeff Herman (Tiger Deaux-nuts), Dan Fisher, and Mandi Kaelberer.

Serving: 12 oz. bottle.

Appearance: Copper with a bit of cloudiness. 

I thought it was on the sweet side, with a lot of maltiness and some breadiness as well.  Dan picked up sweet plums on the nose.  

Taste: Sweet, but a little funky, a little fruit flavor as well coming through more than on the nose to me.  Dan was still picking up some fruity prune flavors.

Chewy, with a funky aftertaste.

Overall: I'll admit this isn't my all-time favorite style, but I do think this is a well done Oktoberfest beer.  For a nice fall day (or a hot as balls Louisiana fall day) this would probably be a good choice for some session drinking.  

Overall Rating: 68.75
My Rating: 61

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