Friday, February 21, 2014

Feature Beer Friday! - DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus!

This might be a brewery you've never heard of... but if you have you probably know this is likely going to be a very good review.  I'm not even too familiar with DuClaw Brewing, which is a fairly small company out of Maryland, has actually been around since the mid 90s, making them pretty old in the craft beer world.  Unfortunately they are only available in Maryland as far as I can tell... but that's where having good beer maven friends comes in handy.  

Today's Feature Beer is the Sweet Baby Jesus! from DuClaw. It's a chocolate peanut butter porter, clocking in at 6.5% abv and a substantial 56 IBU.  Yeah, that's right, chocolate, peanut butter, porter.  I've had homebrewed peanut butter beers before but this might be a first for me as far as commercial offerings go.  Enough talk... let's review.
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jeff Herman (Tiger Deaux-nuts), Dan Fisher, and Mandi Kaelberer.

Serving: 12 oz. bottle.

Appearance: Dark brown, small head, good looking beer. 

Peanuts!  Lots of peanuts, and a little roastiness as well. Dan said that he smelled ground up peanuts and roasted chocolate... looks like we are in agreement on this one.  

Taste: Just like it smells, peanut butter, chocolate, a little roasted malt, but mostly strong delicious peanut butter.

A little on the thin side, but it is a porter not a stout so no marks off there. Smooth with a great finish.

Overall: Phenomenal beer, and an excellent attempt at a peanut butter chocolate porter.  It's really hard to imagine someone attempting a style like this and doing much better, consider this one to seek out if you're ever traveling to Maryland or trading with someone in that area.

Overall Rating: 87.75
My Rating: 88

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