Monday, July 8, 2013

Santa Fe Brewing Coming To Louisiana!

It looks like Santa Fe Brewing is making their way to Louisiana.  As noted by BeerPulse and brought to my attention by David Komendanchik, they had this to say:

Right now I’m finalizing a distribution contract in Louisiana so, at this point, I think we’ll stick with the nine states until we build a new facility with more capacity. “After that, I would hope that in the next 15 to 20 years we can be at 200 to 250 thousand barrels – that would be a nice place to be in size and scope. But 25 years out is kind of hard to project.”
Santa Fe Brewing is probably best known for their Imperial Java Stout, Happy Camper IPA, and Chicken Killer Barley Wine.   I want to say I've had the first two, but I know I've had the Chicken Killer Barley Wine recently, along with the bourbon barrel aged version.  They would be a couple of good additions to the local scene, and I'm sure the rest of the lineup would be as well.

All in all, a win for the local beer scene.

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