Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Week Until The Beer Bloggers' Conference!

I'm starting to get excited, the 2013 North American Beer Bloggers' Conference starts one week from today!  Yeah, that's an unfortunate acronym.  It's going to be a pain to type out "Beer Bloggers' Conference" the whole time, but do I dare just call it the BBC? 

Looks like we have some really fun things on tap for the Portland, Maine pre-conference excursion.  A beer & cheese pairing at Cabot Cheese with Geary's beer, a beer dinner at Sebago Brewing Company, and then a party at a place called The Thirsty Pig.  Now, I write about beer, so one thing that might not be as readily apparent is that I fucking love cheese.  Everything about it.  Starting off the trip with a beer & cheese pairing?  I'm pumped.  I've honestly never even heard of Geary's or Sebago, so I get cheese, new breweries, and then a party at what looks to be a pretty awesome beer bar?  Fuck. Yes.

After that we're going to hit up the Portsmouth Brewery / Brewpub in New Hampshire for a beer lunch on our way to Boston.  I've never been to Maine or New Hampshire, so that's two states crossed off my travel list, and even more breweries. 

From there it's Boston, where trips to the Boston Beer Company, Heavy Seas, and Harpoon Brewing await.  I've had beers from all of these breweries before but I've never been there in person... it should be awesome!  Plus all sorts of good seminars on how I can be a better beer blogger... hopefully a few of the tips stick with me this time rather than getting washed away in a sea of beer.  

And probably the best event of the weekend will be the beer social on Saturday night.  A beer social with a lot of beer bloggers?  Yeah, it's basically a massive bottle share featuring an entire county's worth of great brews.  Awesome, is what it is. Last year I tried some of the best beers I can remember... a Three Floyds Apocalypse Cow, an Alchemist Heady Topper, a Bruery Black Tuesday, and even a Westvleteren 12.  Really the only question is what beer do we bring?  

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