Friday, December 7, 2012

Feature Beer Friday! - Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast

And we're back with some more Feature Beer Friday!  On tap (er, in bottle) today is the Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast, their Rye IPA and their first "big beer" after the abv laws in Mississippi were amended to allow up to about 10% alcohol as opposed to the previous 6%.  unfortunately this one hasn't made its way to Baton Rouge just yet, but I have to imagine it won't be TOO long.  We get Lazy Magnolia's other beers, and it's as close as New Orleans, so if you're that way you might see some bottles, or even find it on tap.  
As mentioned, this beer is their Rye IPA, coming in at 9% abv!  This is quite a step up for Lazy Magnolia, and I'm glad they went with something like this as soon as the laws changed instead of easing into the world of higher abv beers.  Judging by the fact that we still can't find it on the shelves in Baton Rouge, there must be a market for the beer.  Now, on to the review...
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), Jeremy Spikes  and James Lawson (, and Brenton Day (

Serving: 12 oz. standard bottle.

Appearance: "Hazy, deep gold, frothy white head." "Great lacing," was Brenton's comment.  This one received a 12 or 13 from everyone at the table, out of 15 possibly points.

Aroma: A good hop aroma of pine and grapefruit, but also some rye spice.
  Jay also picked up some citrus and lemon zest in the hop profile, while Brenton described it as peppery.

Taste: Hops, lots of hops, and Jay found that the pine, or Douglas fir, hops came through more on the taste.  

Mouthfeel: Lingering bitter with a big finish, a lot to take in, but enjoyable.

Overall: Jeremy, our resident hop hater, described it as a "hop monster," but still found enough redeeming qualities to score it a 68... maybe we're converting him yet.  James described it as "not quite Christmas tree... but close."  In my opinion this is Lazy Magnolia's best beer yet, and one to definitely pick up when you get the chance!

Overall Rating: 74.2
My Rating: 77

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