Friday, December 14, 2012

Feature Beer Friday! - Innis & Gunn Winter Beer 2012

Have you never heard of Innis & Gunn before?  All I can say about that is don't feel bad... neither had I.  Jay brought this beer to the Raise A Glass table so naturally we all had some beer and had ourselves a good old beer review.  It turns out Innis & Gunn is a brewery from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and they started out as part of an experiment to create an ale-finished scotch, not the other way around.  After realizing how delicious the beer was after oak aging, they decided to brew the beer full time, focusing exclusively (it appears) on wood aged brews.  This beer is an oak-aged porter checking in at 7.4% abv. 
Reviewers: Eric Ducote (BR Beer Scene), Jay Ducote (Bite And Booze), Jeremy Spikes  and James Lawson (, and Brenton Day (

Serving: 12 oz. clear-glass bottle.

Appearance: Reddish, decent head.  Not a Porter!  I think we all agreed that while the beer had a decent look to it, it didn't look at all like a porter. 

Aroma: Rich, oaky, and caramel were three of my notes for the aroma.  Jay picked up notes of candy, oak, and fruit, and Brenton really caught on to the molasses that this is supposedly brewed with.

Taste: Sweet, very oaky again which makes a lot of sense for an oak-aged beer.  There were definitely notes of vanilla as well from the oak aging, which most likely took place in an old bourbon barrel.  

Mouthfeel: I thought this one was easy to drink, and the 7.4% abv was a perfect midrange strength for the beer.
  It definitely could have stood to have some more body to it though, as Brenton and Jeremy both found it to be on the thin side.

Overall: This one was a surprise to me, especially after seeing it show up in a clear glass bottle and look nothing like a porter.  In the end, you can't really say that this is a porter in anything but the name, I think, but it was still a very nice beer and very enjoyable.  I'll be looking for more from Innis & Gunn, especially some of the specialty whiskey-aged beers.

Overall Rating: 79.4

My Rating:82

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